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Ecological Balance

Every animal and plant in this world have their significance . Sparrow is a member of many food chains and food webs. So as you know if you harm any food chain it will affect complete food web. So if you will not save sparrow it will disturb ecological balance.

Pollination in many plants

Sparrow helps in pollination in many plants. Sparrows mostly prefer seeds of millet, grass, thistle, weed and sunflower seed. During this process, sparrows spread seeds to places away from the fruit tree. This is important for germination of the seeds, because if the seeds fall close to the parent plant, they would have to compete for nutrition with the mature plant.

Reduce many diseases

Sparrow eats larvae of many insects and mosquitoes which causes many diseases like malaria, dengue etc. So sparrows protect us from many diseases which are life threatened.

Brings prosperity

Sparrows bring prosperity for us. We like to watch this small and lovable bird. Our children always want to observe this bird and sing songs related to this bird to entertain themselves.

Sparrow World

To involve citizens in the conservation movement, Hind Educational Society initiated this initiative in early 2015. People can adopt a nest box and put them in their homes. By doing this, they are providing a habitat for birds to nest in their homes and also getting attached to the cause. To date, a large number of sparrow huts have been adopted across the Tricity.

The initiative has crossed the boundaries and reaches of tricity and has spread through the North and reached to the East including Shimla and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, Gurgaon in Harayana, Haridwar in Uttarakhand, the national capital Delhi and finally Durgapur in West Bengal.

What can we do?


Make a small and simple wooden house for the sparrow.


Keep a bowl of grains, water, rice(tota) and bajra in the bowl.


Practise organic farming in your gardens.



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